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How to add slideshow to blogger header, 2021 new tricks.

how to add slideshow to blogger header

A blogger's work is published through his blog's design. To make the blog side more beautiful, you can add the necessary pictures to your blog as a slideshow. Although without any programmable knowledge you can add slide show and it is very easy and save time.

Today, the image slider of any website or blog is an important matter. If you want to make your blogger more beautiful, check out our blog design topic .

Today, I am add an image slider for Blogger to the header and bring a better process.

slideshow HTML code for blogger

Now I'm going to share with you the code that allows you to add slideshows to Blogger how to add or change an image in this code make a slideshow in blogger.

You may know a lot about Blogger Slideshow on many websites. But this slide show is completely different.

How to add slideshow to blogger header

  1. First, create a Google ID. If you have not created a Google ID.
  2. Then create a Gmail id and connect with Blogger. That's where you want to show the slide show.
  3. Then select the Layout of Cell from your Blogger Dashboard.
  4. Click where you want to show the slideshow, click 'Add a Gadget'

  5. Then you select the HTML/JavaScript option 

  6. How to add the slideshow to blogger header, 2021 new tricks
  7. Download the HTML Slide Show code Download Code.
  8. Paste the code in the empty box and save it.
  9. Then click on save
  10. theme and you see that the slideshow will be turned on.

How to change an image in this blogger slideshow code

let's talk about what you need to do if you want to change the images In this script.
  • Open the HTML code given here in any code editor
  • Then find the <img src= option, As shown in the picture.

  • And replace the you image link.
  • Then add the edited code to your blog.
  • Finally you will see the slideshow effect.

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  1. I put in the url of my photo and it does not work. only shows a little black icon. my blog is I only put in photo 2 (to test). what am I doing wrong?

    here is the code:

    added xx to allow me to send this comment

  2. Thanks for your reply. I did not realize my code did not show up in my original post.

    I only changed photo 2 (in the img src) to be one of mine, and the width and height:
    "" style="width="688" height="459""

    But you can see that NONE of the photos show up; only a small black icon plus the caption text.

    my blog is

  3. i want google to approve my blog, i have been battling this for a very long time and google are still telling me to rework on my blog. and i dont even know what they want again.