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Shortcut keys in computer Keyboard 2021 new list

Shortcut keys in computer Keyboard

Computer shortcut key is very important in your computer knowledge. So I made this table. Please read silently and download it


Computer Shortcut key in CTRL

Shortcut Keys Description 
CTRL+ASelect all text.
 CTRL+BSubmit Batch FileDisplay NoteRebase Date column
CTRL+CCopyChange CaseSelect Column*
CTRL+DClear All Data 
CTRL+D delete/Clear All Data 
Update Data and Exit* Excel Wizard
CTRL+FFindReorder Levels*Calculate Factor*
CTRL+GGoto Line/Cell 
CTRL+GGoto Cell/Line
CTRL+HNext Error MessagePrevious Error Message 
CTRL+IInsert row before current row*Insert multiple rows
CTRL+JInsert row after current row
CTRL+KSubmit ClipboardSubmit to current lineConditional Format
CTRL+LSubmit LineDDE Link*Edit Factor Levels
CTRL+MSubmit Selection/Run Analysis*Submit from current lineMove Column
CTRL+NOpen New Text Window 
CTRL+OOpen File Reorder Columns
CTRL+PPrint Protect Column
CTRL+QRemove paragraph formatting
CTRL+RReplaceRepeat LineSelect Row
CTRL+SSave FileSave File As 
CTRL+TFind NextText Split
CTRL+UUpdate Sheet
CTRL+WSubmit WindowRecycle WindowDefault Column Widths 

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