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how to make money with a blog for beginners

how to make money with a blog for beginners


How to make money from blogging

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How to make money from blogging.
Hello guys today l am telling u what is website/Blog ' OR ' How to earn money from website or Blog.......So Let's get's started ...

Actually some people think that website is very critical for them but they really don't know it is very easy .

If u built a website for beginning u need a some think .... I am telling u what u need to do a website step by step.

1) Think your website Name ( This called Domain name )

2)You need some storage for keeps your important files , Document etc ( Its called Hosting )

3) At last you connect your domain to your hosting.

That's is your website is ready to rock ......

How to earn money from website. 

many people think that how to earn from website or blog ... it is possible....?

If you have a website that's good then write anything ( Like - this post )

Then published in your website / blog ...then some times later you see this your post see many people then time to time it will grow automatically and your views comes your website/blog .

& If you Have any AdSense account , attached it in your website it will automatically gave money for visiting your website views .....

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Many people think that ad network is the only way to earn money from the website.But there are many ways in addition to ad network, which allows you to make good money. And from those fields you can earn a lot of money. So let's see one of those ways.

1)Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn money from websites. You can earn a lot of money by selling the product of any large company through Affiliate Marketing. like Amazon, flipkart, theme forest, Godaddy, blue host, bigrock. etc. These companies give you some commissions to sell their product. You can do affiliate marketing through your blog Facebook page or any other social media network.

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PPD site(pay par download). 

If you have created a downloading website for your visitors, This website will pay you if your visitor downloads anything.These PPD websites pay you for every download.

paid URL shortening websites.

paid URL shortening websites pay you a lot of money. Some special paid URL shortening websites give you 6 to 10 dollars for one thousand clicks. It is very easy to use. Sort your website links and paste it on your web site. When visitors click on this link, you will earn money.

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Ad network.

If you have a blog or website, then Ed Network is the easiest way to earn money. For your website, you can apply to ad networks and if your website is a Private then You can earn a lot of money by putting the ad on your website's post.

You do not have to worry about Google Adsense, there are more ad networks in addition to Google Adsense. Clicking on this link will allow you to collect information about them.

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Refer and earn app

Several Android App Referral and Earn Advantages provide you. You can refer all those apps through your website and earn money. By following these tips, I often had less than 1 thousand take. you have any kind of earnings application that you have installed in you phone/ Device this application link copy & pest on your website this link visit your viewer and install the application & you gave money very easily

But Remember Don't stop post in your website ....keep it up

~ I Think u understand what is website and how to earn money from website ~

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