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how to disable copy paste in blogger

how to disable copy paste in blogger

I am sharing with you before that How to add slideshow to blogger header, 2019 new tricks.Creating a good content is a major part of blogging success. you should disable copy paste on blogger posts to protect the content of the blog from stealing content

Almost everyone find the success of the shortcut. They are ready to steal your hard work. Copy paste is a common matter now a days. But now a days there are many naughty people who steal content from your blog.You have to use some methods to resist them. I know that you are a blogger like me. I found this script which disable copy paste in your blogger.

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disable copy paste in blogger

How to copy paste block is discussed below:::...

Method 1: Using JavaScript (.js) To Disable Copy Paste In Blogger.

Sign into your blogger and go to the Blogger “Dashboard”
From the left side click on the “layout” section and then click on “ad a gadget”.

How do I disable right click on Blogger?

And choose “HTML/JavaScript” option.

How do I turn off selected text in Blogger?

Past this code
And click save.
Downloa code👇👇👇

disable copy paste