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how to add guest post in blogger

how to add a guest post in blogger

hello, friend today I am going to share with you a new trick. I am already shared with you How to Disable Copy Paste in Blogger Contents.

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Your Blogger Website is a Business Marketing Tool, Where you share your time and knowledge. Your content will be better than other bloggers. The visitors will spend time on your blog.

But everyone is busy. There is no time to write good content. So to update the blog, you have to adapt the guest post.WordPress is so easy to accept guest posts and many plugins are available for this. But if your blog or website is created at then it is very difficult to accept guest posts.

Today I brought you the HTML CSS form for guest posting for you. It's very easy to implement in the blogger.

  1. how to add a guest post in bloggerl) 
  2. First, you have to create a new page.
  3. Click HTML option & delete all code
  4. Paste gusts post from code
  5. Your Text
  6. and add your email id After completing all the processes
  7. Go to your blogger dashboard.
  8. Click Theme Click on edit HTML option Next, find 👉👉]]></b:skin>
  9. Paste the CSS code Your Text And publish the page

After completing all the processes you can expect guest posting.