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10 Best Recent Post Widget For Blogger BlogSpot.

10 Best Recent Post Widget For Blogger BlogSpot.

Hello friends, I'll tell you how to add Blogger's Recent Posts widget.I've talked to you about How to add youtube subscribe button on blogger before. There are some nice aspects of ReCent Posts widget such that your viewers can see what you've been posting lately. As a result, your visitors stay on your site longer and your bounce rate decreases slightly.

How to implement these codes?

Best Recent Post Widget For Blogger BlogSpot.
  1. First, open your Blogger dashboard
  2. Then click on Layout
  3. Click the Add a Gadget option where you want to add the resent post
  4. And select the HTML/JavaScript option.
  5. Then paste your code.
  6. Then save it.
  7. And you'll see that the recent posts widget for your blog has been added.

Why add the Recent Post Widget to your blog?

Benefits of Recent Post Widget.

Recent Posts widget reduces your blog's bounce rate and makes your visitors more attuned to your blog and helps you spend more time on your blog.

Although the default posts widget on Blogger default theme is not very interactive. But nowadays it is very difficult to rank your blog if your blog is not attractive.

Bounce Rate is one of the most important aspects of SEO that exposes user experience. Google also gives priority to the content of your blog as well as user experience. So to keep the user experience right, your ReCent Posts widget needs to be very interactive.

Nowadays, almost every blogger uses custom templates. Custom template resent posts are very well designed. But many bloggers want to customize their blog more beautifully.

That's why bloggers like to use third-party rich post widgets.

10 Best Recent Post Widget For Blogger BlogSpot.

Best Recent Post Widget For Blogger BlogSpot.

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This Recent Post Widget is very nice. Each post here is arranged step by step. Each post is sorted by a different color and a very interesting font type. Post thumbnails are round.

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