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How to add youtube subscribe button on blogger

How to add youtube subscribe button on blogger

Today I'm going to share with you a new trick is how to add a Blogger YouTube Subscribe. I've already explained in detail how to remove date from blogger post URL a. Check Sitemaps for all my posts.

What is youtube subscribe button?

YouTube channels release new buttons for subscriptions, and surprisingly they have also rolled out a subscription button for paid channels this time. This Subscribe button is created from the official page of YouTube.

The importance of the Subscribe button on YouTube? 

Generally speaking, the YouTube Subscribe button is a very important button for bloggers. Visitors can subscribe to the channel without having to visit your YouTube channel. You can create a subscribe button from the official page of YouTube with YouTube channel ID.

What is youtube channel ID?

YouTube Channel ID is the identity of your channel through which YouTube can detect your channel. By which you subscribe and view YouTube can detect.

How To Find YouTube channel ID?

How to add youtube subscribe button on blogger
You must have a Channel ID when creating a YouTube Subscribe button. Visit this link for your channel ID.
If this link does not work on your chrome browser, check the "Desktop site" box

How to add youtube subscribe button on blogger

How to add youtube subscribe button on blogger

  • Step 1.(create button code)
  • At first copy your YouTube channel ID from this link
  • Then go to GOOGLE DEVELOPER Option.
  • And past your YouTube channel ID.
  • You will receive the code of your Subscribe button after customizing.
  • Step 2.(Apply button to your site)
  • At first open your blogger.
  • click on layout option.
  • Then select Add a Gadget.
  • Then select HTML/JavaScript
  • Then paste the code you got from the Google Developers site

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