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How to add emoji Reaction to your blogger site

How to add emoji Reaction to your blogger site

Emoji retraction is very important for a website. We are all familiar with emoji retraction. Emoji retraction is now seen on almost all social media.I discussed earlier

Emoji retraction helps us express our reactions, So I decided to write a post about "How to add emoji retraction  to your blogger site".

So far I have seen many blogs where there are emoji retraction struction options and they are not cleared. Here I will put the emoji retraction in the post footer. Here the visitor can express his fascination with the emoji response.

You may be wondering if the Emoji response won't affect any of your blogs. Blogging doesn't just mean AdSense or money-earning. But for a blogger, the color of his blog and other things is very important

Features of Emoji buttons:

  • These buttons are completely free
  • This is where you get your analytics
  • Reports on each IP address will be available

how to add an emoji Reaction to your blogger site

Emoji reaction is very easy to add to Blogger. Anyone can follow the steps below and you can too.

  1. First, go to the website
  2. And sing up
  3. After signup add a domain name
  4. how-to-add-emoji-reaction-to-your-blogger-site
  5. Next click on the settings ico, as shown in the picture
  6. how-to-add-emoji-reaction-to-your-blogger-site
  7. Copy this code as shown in the picture
  8. Paste under <head> tag in your blogger theme (edit html)
  9. After pest code click in Apps Directory  in As shown in the picture
  10. how-to-add-emoji-reaction-to-your-blogger-site
  11. Then click Reaction Share Buttons
  12. and enable it
  13. how-to-add-emoji-reaction-to-your-blogger-site
  14. then paste code under
  15. <div class='post-footer'>

  16. And your blog is Rady to show emoji reaction