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blogger vs wordpress which is better in 2021

blogger vs wordpress which is better.

Hello, friends today I want to share with you a new trick. WordPress Version Blogger Which of these is more important for a new blogger?. There are many disagreements about it, so today I will discuss it in more detail. If you are new to the blogging field, there are many disagreements about what you need to choose, many do not have the money to buy a hosting domain for WordPress.

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Today, I discuss WordPress blogger's difference step-by-step. Before you know them, you need to know the definitions of WordPress and blogger.

What is a blogger?

Usually, is a CMS content management system that allows you and your content to be published.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a CMS content management system, whereby you can create any type of website or post your blog, and the way to income from WordPress is much more than a blogger.

This time I am discussing the difference of Blogger WordPress step-by-step.

blogger vs wordpress


The blogger is very simple, it does not require any special knowledge to turn it on. Watching Blogger Tenboards 2/1 Day Understands how to do it on Blogger.  It can be done by anyone.

But WordPress is a little difficult.  You need to know how to install it from cPanel.  You need to know how to install the theme.  You need to know how to install or activate a plugin.  And you need to know how to create a WordPress page and how to create a page that can take you seven to eight days.


Bloggers are usually Lifetime Free, but if you connect a domain with it, you only pay for the domain and you can do Lifetime Blogging.

Usually, you have to pay for domain and hosting costs for WordPress.  And here you can buy theme plugins and other expensive content.


Blogger is a little less in terms of customization.  Here you will not be able to customize everything but if you are an XML expert you can update everything.  And add third party HTML to Blogger to make your blog even better.

You can customize WordPress the way you want. Here you can create all kinds of websites by adding a theme like a mind and any plugin.


Blogger's Ownership is with Google. So if any spam is found on your blog, it will be deleted.

But WordPress is completely in control of all the functions of WordPress in your hands, so if Google finds any spam in WordPress, there is no chance of deleting it.


Usually, no major updates to Blogger are seen.
But WordPress updates very frequently, and WordPress CMS updates are seen very frequently. The theme updates or any plugins you see very soon


Blogger is more secure than WordPress because here is the Secret by Google. Usually, Blogger has no chance of being hacked.

But here you have to take care of WordPress Security yourself. If you use an old WordPress theme or an outdated plugin, your WordPress is likely to be hacked. So WordPress Security requires you to keep up with yourself. You have to update every theme and plugin regularly. If you have a virus on your C-Panel, your WordPress may be hacking it.


According to search engines, SEO does not depend on what CMS you are using. However, from bloggers to the WordPress site, SEO ranking is more here.

Adsense Approval

In the case of AdSense Approval, both are the same because there is a manual review of each site and the content of your site is seen there.