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how to create privacy policy page in blogger in 2021

how to create privacy policy page in blogger in 2020

The Privacy Policy page lets you tell visitors what kind of information they are collecting from them. With this page, you will make the audience aware Where some of their data is being used. It is important to have a privacy policy page on your blog.

This gives visitors credibility to your blog. Usually, all other ad networks, including Google Adsense, check your blog's privacy policy page while giving your blog approval for showing ads.

Therefore, it is very important to add the privacy policy page of your blog

How To Create Privacy Policy Page For Blogger in 2020

With this article, I am going to show you how to add a privacy policy page to a blog.
You can create your own Privacy Policy page without any tool. But many bloggers don't do it. So the third-party has to take help. Many online websites will create you a free privacy policy page.

  1. Please visit first to make a privacy policy page.
  2. This page asks about your site URL, your name, your e-mail address, and some information about your site.
  3. Then it will ask if you use cookies.
  4. Ask if you use an ad network.
  5. After completing all the queries you have received your privacy policy HTML file.

how to add generated privacy policy on your blogger page.

  1. After making the Privacy Policy Page, log in to your blog's Dashboard.
  2. then click the pages section.
  3. create-privacy-policy-page
  4. then click add a new page.
  5. After that select HTML option and paste
  6. create-privacy-policy-page
  7. your privacy policy HTML file and click on publish.

The Privacy Policy page will increase the credibility of your visitors to your website.