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how to write seo friendly blog post for blogger.

how to write seo friendly blog post for blogger.

Search engine optimization This is a small thing but it means big. You don't have to post a blog just to rank Google. Show Google the importance of your content. You need to post a blog in the eyes of a user, not a search engine.
seo in 2020
SEO in 2020

   All the search engines want is for a user to read your blog beautifully and load each element beautifully.SEO is a hugely complex subject that cannot be published through a short blog post. I will also try to show you how to write SEO friendly posts through blog posts. Typically the points that should be kept in mind when writing an SEO friendly post are being discharged. These points made your blog post a little SEO friendly.


The title of each blog will be user-friendly. You usually need to do keyword research to write a user-friendly title. You can read about how to do keyword research in our blog post. You can usually use long-tail keywords. Your keywords will be low competition and high search volume. You can use the Google Keyword Planner to research it initially. Keyword research is an important factor for every Express.


Then let's talk about description. Each blogpost has a meta description. According to many SEO experts, your meta descriptions need to be 150 words. But the same research showed that Google counted the pixel of your meta descriptive word. But the same research showed that Google counted the pixel of your meta descriptive word. To measure the length of title descriptions on your blog, you can visit this website below. { Google SERP Tool }.


Now let's talk about Permalink. Permalink's role in writing an SEO Friendly Blog Post is very important. Permalink should usually be about the title's words. In Permalink you need to have keywords. Permalink is such that your user can understand what your blog is about through Permalink.

Post body.


Now discussing <h1>. You can use h1 once on your blog post. This H1 TAG needs to contain your keywords.

Also, you can use this young h2 h3 to enhance the beauty of your blog or blog post.

Use Canonical tag.

Canonical Techno gives search engines an idea of ​​the link to your blog's specific page. You should use your blog's SEO rankings to increase your ranking.

Internal linking.

Internal linking is an important aspect of an SEO friendly blog post. If you link to other posts of the same category in each of your blog posts, the visitor will stay longer on your blog. This reduces your bounce rate. Reducing the bounce rate boosts your SEO rankings.

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external linking.

External link into your blog. Providing links to other blogs from your blog increases the rank of your blog.

Popular post widget.

Add popular posts and negative post widgets to your blog so your visitors will read your other posts and spend more time on your blog.

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