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How to start a blog for free and earn money in 2021

How to start a blog for free and earn money in 2021

Nowadays there are many ways to earn online but blogging is one of them. But a blog is not a video platform. The blog is a text platform. So when it comes to blogging, you need to have an idea about writing and a step by step idea of how to blog. Today i'm discussing the way to start a blog.

Step #1: Select a perfect niche

If you want to start a blog, you have to select a niche of your website that you can write about. You will have a good idea about that. If you have a flaw in your perception of the subject then you will not be successful in blogging. The niche needs to be something that matches your inner thoughts. Such as travel, cooking, technology, etc.

Step #2: Choose a blogging platform

There are many platforms on the market for blogging, some free and some paid. It's not that the free platforms are bad, but not all the features are available here. It takes a lot of time to rank a blog on a free platform or site customization cannot be done that way so you need to choose a paid platform. If you want to blog for your hobby then you can go with the free platform but if you want to do serious blogging then you have to choose a paid platform. Notable among the free platform is . If you have money to spend, I suggest you move to the proposed platform i.e. WordPress, or get started with WordPress. Almost all serious bloggers use WordPress.

Step #3: Pick a domain name

A domain name is the name of your blog through which your visitors will find you. If you want to blog, you must buy a domain name, you can use a free platform or use a paid platform.

Step #4: Get a web hosting account

Hosting is an online computer server. Where you can upload all the files, pictures of your blog. If you want to start blogging first then you can use shared hosting.

Step #5: Starting a blog on WordPress

After connecting the domain and hosting there is a problem in front of how to start blogging. You need to install WordPress by logging in to the hosting's CPanel. If you don't know how to install WordPress, you can get help from YouTube.

Step #6: Select a topic and style your blog

After installing WordPress you need to install your favorite themes and plugins in it. WordPress themes make your blog more beautiful and customizable. And WordPress plugins make the functions of your blog more beautiful.

Step #7: Write content and promote your blog

After installing WordPress you need to write regular content through which you can rank Google.

Step #8: Make money blogging

If you can earn income from affiliate marketing or AdSense after ranking your blog on Google.