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image optimization in seo

Image optimization in seo.

Image SEO

Images are a very large part of the SEO. It is very difficult to rank a blog post if the picture is not effective.
Today I will discuss in detail how to optimize a blog and how to optimize an image. Many times the image is blocked with robots.txt so that your images are not ranked.

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The aspects to be taken into account when creating a good image are discussed in detail below.

Image SEO

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Always use high-quality images.

Original and Perfect images should be used on the blog. Your blog needs to match the content of the image. Big search engines like Google can easily understand image content. So you have to use the Relative Photo.

Create own image.

Try to make the images you use on the blog yourself. Don't Use a copyrighted image from Google on a blog, it is not possible to rank a blog at any time.


If you cannot create a picture then you can download free stock photos from the Internet. There are many websites on the Internet that provide high-quality free stock photos.

Choose the correct file name.

The work of Image SEO begins with the file name. Google determines the image ranking by the name of each image file. Your blog title is the Best Hosting but their image is being used as hsjs.png, Here the right file name will be best-hosting.png.

Choose the correct format.

The file format is not very effective in your SEO. But images play a role in increasing the loading speed of a blog. To make your webpage faster, Use WebP format image.


Captions are an important part of image SEO. Captions make the description of the image very nice and the image ranks quickly. Every great blogger uses captions in his image. Popular CMS has the option to add captions which makes it easy to use image captions.

alt text and title text

Each CMS has the option to add alt text and title text. This can be done very easily by using CMS. This allows the image to be better described to search engines.