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How to Remove Bad Backlinks From Google Index.

How to Remove Bad Backlinks From Google Index.

If Google has taken manual action against your website, you may have a problem with your backlinks or problems with your content.

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But you see there is no problem with your content. Then you can be sure that your backlinks are the problem.

Maybe you accidentally created a bad backlink somewhere. Or your competitor is creating a bad backlink for you.

Your website ranking will go down due to bad backlinks to your website. Moreover, your website's spam score will continue to increase which is not good for any website.

Google is very aware of this. If you buy the link, it is very bad in the eyes of Google. If your website has organic backlinks, Then your ranking will grow well.

Google can easily understand which is the organic backlink and which is the paid backlink.

Now suppose one of your competitors has created bad backlinks against you, then what to do?
Google is the only one to help you with this problem

Now I am going to say is that it has very advanced features. If you use it incorrectly, your rank may go down.

Why would you disavow the link?

In most cases, Google understands which link is trusted and which link is spam. However, if you have a problem, you can use this tool.

  1. Your links may be subject to manual action against your website or may be subject to manual action.
  2. You can use the tool for low-quality backlinks in which your Spain score is increasing.

the proper way to create Disavow links file

  1. Here you need to save the file in .txt format.
  2. Here the file must be UTF-8 or 7-bit ASCII encoding.
  3. Domain and URL must be executed line by line.
  4. Enter "domain:" for the domain here.
  5. Comments can be expressed via "#" here.

upload your Disavow file.

  1. At first, go to the Disavow link page in Google search console.
  2. Choose your website.
  3. Then click the Disavow links option.
  4. Then click on the chose file and select the file you created.
  5. Then Google will take some time to verify your links and Google will remove the links from your website.