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How to get traffic to my blog for free

How to get traffic to my blog for free

Are you writing a lot of content? Isn't your blog getting traffic? Hi everyone I am Pratap and today I am going to share with you how to get traffic in your blog. There are many reasons why blogs don't get traffic and we will discuss them. And we'll talk about how to boost your traffic. Here are some things to keep in mind when writing a blog that might boost your traffic.

How to get traffic to my blog

keyword research.

Perfect keyword research is very important when writing a blog. Many bloggers don't do keyword research well, so their traffic doesn't increase. Keyword research is important and the first step of every blog writing. You can use Google Keyword Planner or any other tool during keyword research.

Must post regularly.

Of all the search engines you need to update regular blog posts. And new content needs to be published regularly. Older content needs to be updated every few days and their information needs to be accurate. If you do not update the old content, they will never rank in search engines. so be regular.

Must be readable content.

Make your content very easy and readable for your visitors. If the visitor does not understand the content Then your content will not rank. So your contact needs to be easy for visitors to understand.

focus on SEO.

The word SEO literally means search engine optimization. But its internal functions are large. We divide SEO into two parts: off-page SEO and on-page SEO.if you are a beginner. Paying more attention to your on-page SEO. On-page SEO extends up to the title description and the quality of your content. There are many more topics in on-page SEO that we will discuss later. If you are a beginner then you pay more attention to on-page SEO.

Add video

 Adding a blog post video would be even more beautiful. The bounce rate of the blog gradually decreases due to the presence of blog videos. If the video is interesting then the visitor of the blog will spend time in the blog. And the lower the bounce rate of the blog, the higher your Google ranking will be decreased.

 Active on Social Media

 There are other ways to increase your blog traffic besides search engines. That is social media. To increase traffic from social media, you need to be active on social media. First you need to build your audience on a social media account. It can be a personal profile or group or page. Once you can build a trusted audience, your blog traffic will increase.

 Make Sure Your Site is Fast

 To rank a blog, the speed of the blog needs to be fast. If the blog does not load first, the visitor will return. This is a very bad impact in the eyes of Google. CMS has a role to play in making blogs faster. If you are a WordPress user, you can use many plugins and themes to increase the speed of your blog. If you are a blogger user then there is no need to do any of this. Google CDN helps speed up your blog. And use a simple clean theme in Blogger and should not use heavy JavaScript, so your blog will be faster.

 Link Internally.

 Internal linking is very important in making a blog post beautiful. Internal linking reduces the bounce rate of the blog. Internal linking makes it easier for visitors to find other posts on similar topics. Moreover, internal linking has a big role in SEO. When a search engine crawler crawls a website, if there is internal linking, it will be useful to find other posts.

If any good points are missed then you can write through comments.