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how to add pdf in blogger 2020 new tricks

how to add pdf in blogger 2020 new tricks

Hello, friends today. I am going to share with you how to embed your PDF file into your blogger website. Such a simple and common thing.
Every blogger's own website is like a dream. So everyone wants to make their dream more beautiful and beautiful. Usually, PDF is a kind of type of file. Usually, we open the PDF through an application. Such as Google PDF Viewer.
But today I will tell you how you can embed your pdf file on your blogger web page. Which your website visitors can read without the help of any application.
Google Docs allows you to embed PDF Blogger. You must upload the PDF file to Google Drive. Then you need to add the Google Drive link to your Blogger in the correct HTML code.

Let's discuss the full details step by step. You have to log in with the Gmail with which you want to upload the pdf.

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how to add pdf in blogger 2020 new tricks

  1. First upload the document on Google Drive you want to, embed to Blogger
  2. After the document is fully uploaded to Google Drive.
  3. Then right-click on this document.
  4. Then select the "anyone with the link" option, As shown in the image.
  5. add pdf in blogger
  6. Then click on the Copy Link option, As shown in the image.
  7. add pdf in blogger
  8. Then go to your blogger dashboard.
  9. Then click on New Post Option.
  10. Then select the HTML option, as shown in the image.
  11. Then you have to paste the iframe code there.
  12. View code
  13. Then you need to paste the copied link of that drive in this empty cell. As shown in the image.
  14. add pdf in blogger
  15. Then you have to edit view word to preview word, as shown in the image.
  16. Then click the Public button.
  17. Now see that your PDF has been embedded in Blogger.

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