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What are the requirements for Google AdSense?

What are the requirements for Google AdSense?

What are the requirements for Google AdSense

Every blogger wants to have an AdSense account for them. But it seems that it is very easy to approve the AdSense account. If you only have one quality website, you can't get an AdSense account. Adsense has given the highest revenue of all ad networks in the market. But bloggers have other ad networks, The desire to be approved in Google AdSense remains,
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Today I will discuss with you how to approve AdSense for a new blog or website.

Requirements for Google AdSense approval.

  • You must have your own website.
  • AdSense does not mention any minimum requirement posts but you have to leave a minimum of 17 to 18 posts on your blog.
  • Each of your posts must be more than 150 words.
  • There should not be any copied content, there should be completely fresh unique content.
  • You need to have minimum organic traffic to get Adsense approval.
  • Your website needs to have some basic pages like disclaimer, Cookies Policy, Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, Contact Us, Sitemap.
  • Your website must have an honest loading speed.
  • The design of your website needs to be very simple so that visitors can find all your content well.
  • The navigation bar on your website needs to be adjusted, and its functions should work well.
  • Your web site should not have any 404 error link. And there should be no manual redirection.

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