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How do I change my post URL link in Blogger?

How do I change my post URL link in Blogger?

How do I change my post URL link in Blogger?

Hello, friends today. I am going to share with you how to change the published post URL in Blogger. I have previously discussed in detail search engine optimization, You can read the article.
Post URL is an important topic in SEO. Usually, there is a match between the URL and the title. Blogger's title h1 h2 is very easy to change each. But not many people know about changing URLs in Blogger.
The option to change the URL before the blogger post is published is very simple. But how to change your URL or permalink after a blogger post is published is a little difficult.
Today I will try to explain to you two methods completely. Please read the whole article and you will get the complete information About your search query.

What is a permalink?

Permalink is a specific link to anyone's page of a web site. The link that helps to land on that web page. This permalink redirects to that webpage from Google search.

how to create permalink before publishing a post in a blogger

It is very important to choose the right 'permalink' before publishing any blog post. So today I am going to discuss with you how to set up Permalink on Blogger.
  • First, log in to your blog's dashboard.
  • Then click on the three lines in the top left corner.
  • Then click on New Post Option.
  • Then you will see a new page will open to create a blog post.
  • Then select the Permalink option at the bottom right.
  • Then click on the Custom Permalink option.
  • Now paste your permalink here.
  • After pasting, click the Publish button at the top right.
  • And you will see that the permalink of the post has been created

Now the question is how to create SEO friendly Permalink?

You don't have to worry about creating a permalink on Blogger. I have created a Permalink Generator web site for you to easily create Permalink. I have given below the link to this website for you to create a permalink from here.

How to change permalink (URL) after a post has already been published?

It is very easy to change the permalink before the blogger post is published. But once the blogger post is published, it is a little difficult to change the permalink. Today I will explain to you in a very nice way how to change the permalink of a published blogger post.
  • First, open your blogger dashboard.
  • Then click on the permalink of the post you want to change.
  • Here you may see that there is no editing option in the Permalink option, but don't worry.
  • Then I click on the arrow sign at the top left as shown in the picture.
  • How do I change my post URL link in Blogger
  • Then you click on the Revert to draft option as shown in the picture.
  • Now you click on the Permalink option below.
  • Now the custom permalink option will open and now you can edit it.

If your old permalink is rank in Google then changing the permalink will affect your ranking then you need to manually enable the redirection system in your Blogger website

learn how to enable a manual redirection system in Blogger.


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