How to Put Ads Between Posts in Blogger

Hello friends, today we will discuss with you how to add AdSense in a blogger post. Maybe all bloggers get AdSense approval. But there is no option to add Adsense in the blogger's post, Which means your earning is very low day by day. So I will teach you how to add AdSense ads in the Blogger post.
There are many benefits to adding AdSense to a blogger's post.

AdSense gives maximum CPC. Your CTR level is OK, Your ads are more likely to be clicked, etc.

A few days ago I discussed a topic on how to remove unused JavaScript on blogger. You can see a little bit about that topic if you want. This will increase your AdSense ad loading speed a little.

Let's take a look at how to add AdSense in Blogger posts step by step. Follow the steps below to add ads to your blogger posts.

  • First, open your blog's dashboard.
  • Then click on the three-line of the top left corner.
  • then click on the layout option, As shown in the picture.
  • Then click on the Edit option next to the blog post, As shown in the picture.
  • Then enable the Show Ads Between Posts option, As shown in the picture.
  • To enable this option, AdSense must be approved on your blog. Learn more 

If your blog does not have AdSense approval now, you can see our post. How To Get Adsense Approval For Blogspot

How to Put AdSense in Blogger Post Footer