how to add favicon in blogger

how to add favicon in blogger

Hello friends, today I will share with you how to change the favicon on Blogger. It is very easy to, favicon but maybe not many people know. These are the posts I have shared with you before
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Before changing the favicon of the Blogger, let's know some information about the favicon.

What is Favicon
The favicon is a 16×16 pixel icon very small icon used on web pages. It can be said that this is the brand logo of your company. When numerous tabs are open in your browser, Then the favicon helps to identify the specific tab.

Are Favicons very important for SEO?

If you think favicon has a dietary effect on SEO, Then you are wrong. Favicons indirectly affect SEO. Using Favicon makes your visitors trust you a little. As a result, your ctr increases in Google search.

Favicon Size for Blogger

The favicon is of many sizes. But the icon must be square. for example: 48px48px, 96x96px, 144x144px and so many. If you use a valid size icon, Google will accept it. Visit the Google Developer website for more information about the favicon.

Create Custom Favicon for Blogger.

Now let us know how to create a favicon. Favicon is very easy to make, so you need to get an image of your brand logo ready. Then you open the website. Then you have to select the image from the gallery and upload it. Then all the formats of favicon will be downloaded in zip file format. Then extract it and upload it to Blogger.

Change Favicon for Blogger

Let's discuss in detail how to change the favicon in Blogger's dashboard.
  • First, open your blogger dashboard.
  • After that click on the three lines at the top left corner.
  • Then click on the setting option.
  • Then click on the setting option.
  • Then click on the favicon option as shown in the picture.
  • Then click on Choose file option.
  • Then click on the save option.
  • Your favicon has changed and you can see the effect.

Tutorial What if Custom Favicon is Not Visible

If you follow all these steps step by step then your favicon must have changed. To check it, type /favicon.ico after your blogger URL URL and press Enter.