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Cheap domain registrar for blogger

Today I am going to share with you how you can buy a domain for Blogger at a very low cost. This post is being written for my new blogger friends, Those who are still thinking about where to buy the domain.

Those of you who have created your blog using need to purchase a custom domain soon. But maybe you don't have enough money to buy a custom domain.

Cheap domain registrar for blogger

Today I will suggest the names of some domain registrar from which you can buy domains at a very low price (during the offer). Here is some domain registrar from where you can get Domain (.in) for one year for only 100 rupees.

Later we will discuss some tutorials on how to link this domain to Blogger.

Cheap domain registrar for blogger

  1. GoDaddy
  2. Namecheap
  3. Dynadot
  4. Hiox India
  5. Conclusion

The domain registrar's names here are very popular and trusted.


Go Daddy is a popular and trusted domain registrar and hosting provider. We usually know GoDaddy as the domain registrar. Provides a very good service to a domain registrar.


Namecheap is a very nice domain register. Namecheap comes with very nice discounts during the offer. And almost always there are some offers here. If you buy the domain from here, many times free protection is given


Dynadot is one of the domain registers. You can use Dynadot if you want to transfer the domain. Here are the offers for a very nice domain transfer. Dynadot's interface is a little different. The user experience of this website is a bit slow.

Hiox India

Finally coming to Hiox India. This is my favorite domain register. I bought the first domain in my life from here. The price was only 99 rupees. The user interface here is very nice and the customer support is very good. There was some problem with my domain and as soon as I contacted customer support he told me the correct procedure. I will recommend you to purchase the domain from my link given below.


All of the above-mentioned domain registrations are good. But you have to buy the domain after considering all of them. You need to see which domain registration offer is running. While writing this blog post, now there is an offer on Hiox-India.

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