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How to Enable Comment Moderation in Blogger

How to Enable Comment Moderation in Blogger

Hi blogger, how are you? I hope you are all well. Today I will share with you how to moderate comments on the blog. And let's discuss whether blog moderation is really necessary and also the advantages and disadvantages of comment moderation on Blogger.

I have already discussed with you how to improve the performance and speed of your blog by removing JavaScript. You can view this post if you want.

Comments have a role to play in ranking a blog. The comment is the content of your blog (UGC). Any search engine can understand the user engagement in your blog. But many users comment spam, which results in the loss of the quality of your blog.


If they comment on incorrect grammar or paste a YouTube link, the value of the blog often becomes poor. So you need to start comment moderation on the blog.

Now I will discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of commenting on the blog


If the user comes to your blog and comments, then the content quality of your blog increases.

But in case it has to be a good comment. Spam comments never increase the ranking of a blog.

If your blog has a lot of comments, then other users can come and understand how much engagement your blog has. And through this user engagement increases.

You may have noticed that most bloggers mention at the bottom of their blogs so that their visitors make a comment. Here they keep visitors through review comments and which in turn increases their popularity.


Every subject has a bad and a good side. Similarly, there are some bad aspects of blog comments. If visitors are commenting on your blog by spamming and pasting a link, you need to be careful.

There are many plugins in the common WordPress platform through which spam comments can be removed. But there is no plugin in Blogger through which spam comments can be removed. But Blogger has some settings that allow you to block spam comments. Today I am discussing more details on how to block spam comments on Blogger or turn on comment moderation.


The comment moderation process on Blogger is very simple. If you turn on this setting here, you will have to manually approve each comment and you will receive a mail for that. Not only Google users comment here, but you can also allow anonymous people because you will see and approve each comment here with your own eyes.

How to Enable Comment Moderation in Blogger

  • First, open your blog's dashboard.
  • Then click on the top three lines in the right corner.
  • Then click on the setting option below.
  • Then find the comment option as shown in the picture.
  • Then click on the comment moderation option below it. And you see a popup window has opened.
  • And select the Always option here.
  • Then click on the "Email moderation requests to" option below.
  • Clicking here will open a popup window.
  • Here you need to add the Gmail in which you want to get the blogger comment moderation alert.
  • Then click on the save option and your comment moderation assist is turned on in your blogger.