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All about wishing script for blogger in 2021

All about wishing script for blogger

Hello friends, today we discuss Blogger Wishing Script. Today I am going to discuss all the details about Blogger Wishing Script. This post will cover all the steps from installation to how to viral.

Hello friends, today we discuss Blogger Wishing Script. Today I am going to discuss all the details about Blogger Wishing Script. This post will cover all the steps from installation to how to viral.

What is a blogger wishing script?

Blogger Wishing Script is a web page that allows you to wish your friends for a festival. Here are your friend's name, festival details, and festival countdown time. It also has WhatsApp share buttons and Facebook share buttons.

how to make wishing script

First of all, let me tell you how to make these. These are very easy to create if you have basic knowledge of HTML CSS, and JavaScript. All you need to do is have a code editor app on your desktop.

The codes that I will give you today will have many features like this, Responsive design, Whatsapp share, AdSense, google analytics, big image, etc.

how to viral wishing script

After making the script. many people think about how to go viral. Don't worry, it's very easy to go viral. Share with your friends on WhatsApp. It Will gradually spread like a network. But you don't have to share with one or two friends, you have to share with at least 200-400 friends and do it every day. And with it, Facebook pages, Facebook groups, Facebook profiles should be shared everywhere so that it goes viral very quickly.

How to Upload wishing script in blogger.

The method of uploading wishing scripts has changed a bit since the Blogger interface was updated. Now uploading is a bit difficult but I am discussing step-by-step processes.

First of all, you need to have a blogger website here. If you do not have a blogger website, You can check How to create a website

Now let's come to the topic of how to upload your script

  1. First, open your blog's dashboard.
  2. Then click on the three-line option in the top left corner
  3. Then select the theme option
  4. Then apply the three that are shown in the picture below
  5. Then click on the Apply option
  6. Then click on the arrow sign to the right of the customize button at the top as shown in the picture
  7. Then click on the "Switch to first-generation Classic theme" option.
  8. Then click on the "Switch Without a Backup" option as shown in the picture.
  9. Then click the Edit HTML button above as shown in the picture.
  10. Then copy and paste the code I provided for the wishing script here.
  11. Then click on the Save option in the top right corner and your wishing script will go live

Diwali wishing script for blogger

You can use this script on Diwali to wish your friend. It is made up of all the pictures related to Diwali and all the poems related to this.

independence day wishing script for blogger

Everyone needs to wish on Independence Day. So I am providing this script for you. The national flag and all the songs of Bandemataram have been added here. I will try later to find out what the updated version is.

Raksha Bandhan wishing script for blogger

Raksha Bandhan is a very beautiful festival about brothers and sisters. So it is very important to wish everyone here. So I give it to you.

republic day wishing script

January 26, is a very important day for every Indian. So you need to use this script. Everything here is beautifully designed

new year wishing script for blogger

Everybody in the world needs to wish for the new year. So with this script, you can wish your friend a Happy New Year

Navratri is very popular in our country. It is celebrated with great pomp. Online wish is very much on Navratri. So you can download and use this script

Holi wishing script for blogger

Every Bengali needs to make a Holi wish. Every year in Santiniketan, Holi is celebrated in a very beautiful way. So I am sharing this script with you to wish Holi


  • Responsive design completed
  • WhatsApp share option is available
  • There are all related pictures
  • There are all related poems


From the above discussion, it is understood that you can easily install the blogger viral script. All these scripts are beautifully designed. Through which your website will become beautiful. If you are satisfied after reading the post above, please comment.