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how to add meta tags in blogger

how to add meta tags in blogger

Hey, guys today I am going to share with you how you can add meta tags to your blogger website. In this tutorial, I will share with you have you can easily add a meta tag to your blogger template. In the digital marketing field, meta tags are very important for your website.

Meta tags help search engines easily understand everything about your website. Meta tags are very important for SEO. Meta tags help your website stand out in front of Google. 

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Today we will discuss how to add a meta tag to Blogger. And we will discuss each meta tag in detail. We will also discuss the use of the same SEO prospect in each meta tag. And let's talk about all the false ideas about meta tags

What are Meta tags in SEO

A meta tag is an HTML code. The meta tag has to be placed in the head section of the website. This will allow any search engine to get an idea about your webpage. Like title, description, keywords, etc

Do Meta Tags Help SEO?

Yes, meta tags help in SEO. Meta tags make it easier for search engines to understand some of the information on your website that can lead to higher rankings.

All meta tag explanation.

Title Tag

Each webpage has a unique title. The title of a web page is expressed by this tag.

Description Tag

Description tags are used to describe a web page very briefly. Each web page has a description tag

Robots Tag

Instructions are given to the search crawler through the robot tag.

Author Tag

The name of the author of a website is published through this tag.

viewport meta tag

Is this used for responsive design of webpages

canonical meta tag

This tag is used to indicate the original version of a web page

How To Set Meta Tags For Blogger Blog

Let's see how to add meta descriptions to the blog.

  • First, open your blogger dashboard.
  • Then click on the top three lines in the left corner. Then click on the Themes option below.
  • Then click on the arrow icon next to the Customize button
  • Then click on the Edit HTML option
  • Then delete the old meta tags next to the head section
  • And below I have provided the meta tag, paste it there

Download All Meta Tags

By adding meta tags to Blogspot Theme, Your website will rank very nicely. Comment below if you don't understand anything appropriate now