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how to create contact us page in blogger

how to create contact us page in blogger

Adding contact pages to Blogger is very easy. Your visitors will be able to contact you directly through the contact us page.I have already discussed how to add a custom 404 page to Blogger

Blogger does not support plugins so it is a little difficult to add a contact us page.

There are many ways to add contact pages, such as...

  • Blogger default contact page system
  • Third-party website contact page
  • Google Forms
  • Custom HTML code but all submissions will be stored on a third-party server

All of the above mediums are good but everyone has some weaknesses. We will discuss the good and bad aspects of the above methods and recommend which ones should be used in the final. 

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But some bloggers think that Blogger's default contact page is the best. But there are some issues with Blogger's default contact page and there are some good ones that are discussed in the table below.


  • User-friendly UI
  • Instant Receive email


  • This contact system will not work if Blogger's default JavaScript is blocked.
  • If you use this contact system, the loading speed may change.
  • the spam filter feature is not available in the default contact system

So today we discuss how to contact Blogger through some third-party websites and custom HTML and CSS code.

Contact forms can be used on Blogger through this website. The system can be used on your Blogger website without any worries. It can be used not only for contact systems but also for other from. The code of all the forms can be downloaded from the library { } of this website.

Now let's start, where I will tell you how to add a contact page to Blogger.

  1. first of all, go to your blogger dashboard.
  2. Then click on the three lines in the top left
    click on the three lines in the top left
  3. Then click on the Pages option
    click on the Pages option
  4. Then when the page section opens, click on the plus icon at the bottom right, Then your contact page will be created here.
    click on the plus icon at the bottom right
  5. Then in the space of the empty title at the top, write "Contact Us" as shown in the picture
  6. Then click on the pencil icon on the left as shown in the picture.
  7. And select the HTML view option.
  8. Pest the HTML code that I have shared with you below
  9. And after pasting the code,
  10. You need to change your email address in the code where your email address is written in the code.
  11. Finally, click the publish button at the top right corner.
    Finally,click the publish button at the top right corner.
  12. download all code.
From the above discussion, we learned how to add the contact form to Blogger.

how to create stylish contact us page in blogger

Now the question is how to make this contact form more stylish. For this, you need to learn CSS. Button colors and other elements can be easily changed here.

Then if you have any doubt, you must comment below.