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how to remove powered by blogger

Today every blogger is very happy because today I am going to share with you how to remove blogger footer credit. Every blogger wants their free blogger templates footer credit to be removed. But these little bloggers are not able to do that because they do not know XML.

how to remove powered by blogger

Today I will not teach you XML. Just a little discussion about the code that needs to be changed to remove the footer credit.

First of all, this method will only apply to Blogger's default theme. This method will not work on any third-party theme.

Be sure to back up your blog's dashboard theme before making any changes. If you have a backup of the Blogger theme, you can restore it in the future.

Many bloggers teach this in many ways. They are effective. But I am going to discuss the matter with you in a new way. And this method can be done very easily and quickly.

There is no need to change any code or add any. Only the section that is being used for footer credit needs to be removed.

If you use Blogger's default template, you won't have any problems removing it. I have tested it myself.

But if you want to apply it to third-party templates, you may run into problems.

Let us now discuss the method step-by-step.

how to remove powered by blogger

  1. First, open your Blogger dashboard.
  2. Then click on 3 lines at the top left.
  3. Then click on the Themes option below.
  4. Click the arrow sign to the right of the customize button, As shown in the picture.
  5. Then a pop-up box will open and click on the edit HTML option, As shown in the picture.
  6. Then select the Attribution1 option by clicking on it as shown in the picture.
  7. Then remove all the code from the beginning to the end of the footer section. As shown in the picture
  8. Then click on the Save option at the top right.
  9. Now you can preview the blogger once and see that your footer credit has been removed.

From the above discussion, we learned how to delete foot credits of Blogger's default theme. I have checked the whole thing here and then I have shared this post with you.

If you have any problems in doing this, please contact me.

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